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Power Flushing

What is Power flushing?

Over time sludge and scale form in all central heating systems. This can block pipes and build up in radiators, preventing your central heating system from working efficiently. Power flushing removes these residues of corrosion from your central heating system. The method involves pumping specialist cleansing agents through the system at high velocity but low pressure. Once the deposits have been loosened they are flushed out of the system and collected using a Magnaclean power flushing magnetic filter. Finally, your system is refilled with clean water and the correct dosage of corrosion inhibitor added to protect your central heating system for years to come.

When Power flushing is essential

Before installing a new boiler it is essential to have the system flushed, usually by power flushing. The water ways in the heat exchangers of modern boilers are very small in diameter. Unless this process is carried out correctly the heat exchangers in the new boiler are likely to become blocked as a result of the sludge build up in the old system. This will inevitably lead to central heating problems and expensive boiler maintenance.

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