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Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems

There are many different domestic hot water systems available to the householder, and each has its own merits, applications and requirements.

The introduction of unvented hot water storage systems into this country added a further option.

What is an Unvented Hot Water System?

In simple terms, it is a sealed system of pipework and components that is pressurized above atmospheric pressure. The system operates purely from mains water. An unvented hot water system differs from conventional open-vented systems in that no vent pipe is provided. Therefore, the functions of the vent pipe, which allows for any expansion of the water in the system, have to be performed in other ways. This is usually achieved either by a small expansion vessel connected to the hot water storage vessel, or the room needed to accommodate this expansion is incorporated in the hot water storage vessel itself.

Why choose an Unvented Hot Water Storage System?

This type of system can offer the householder certain advantages. As everything is under mains pressure, flow rates at all outlets are much better. The pressure at both hot and cold taps is the same (balanced). The risk of contamination is eliminated, as there is no storage cistern. This means the roof space can be fully utilized. The hot water storage vessel can be sited anywhere in the house (subject to discharge pipework limitations), making them suitable for any type of dwelling.

If you would like advice on whether you feel an unvented hot water storage system is right for your needs, please contact us as we install and commission unvented cylinders.

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